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fn_banner-1637277Focus The Nation is a movement that wants to find global warming solutions for America and they want to do it with the help of all Americans. They currently have four programs they are promoting to help America: National Teach-In, Green Democracy, 2% Solution, and Choose Your Future.

The National Teach-In is set for January 31, 2008 and is hoping to engage students and citizens alike with their political and decision makers in a dialogue about global warming studies. It is designed to be inclusive of all educational types from K-12 to universities/colleges, also civic organizations, as well as faith organizations. You can get involved by either going to an event or if none available helping to host one.

Green Democracy is a program to help get lawmakers involved in the National Teach-In by having events invite their elected officials to their event to have a round table discussion about global warming and it’s effects on their communities. This is a designed to be a true grass roots effort. They even supply step by step instructions to help getting through to Congressional representative’s offices. Since getting anything done there has to follow protocol. Focus The Nation is trying to set up virtual round tables for those Congressmen and women who are unable to get back to their districts to participate also.

The 2% Solution is a free, live, interactive webcast set for January 30, 2008 at 8pm eastern. Stephen Schneider, a Stanford University climate scientist, Hunter Lovins, a sustainability expert, and Van Jones, a green jobs pioneer, plus various youth climate leaders will host this discussion of global warming solutions. This webcast is being encouraged to be shown in school auditoriums and gyms, be assigned as homework, host a show in your church, clubhouse or even your living room.

Choose Your Future is a forum based initiative that hopes to open discussion and use the top five into priorities for action to be held up as a citizen endorsed agenda for political leaders in Washington DC and capitals across the country. Current threads for this forum are “Invest in the Clean Energy Revolution“, “Create Green Jobs, Save Energy“, “No New Coal Plants without “Capture and Sequestration“”, “Cap Pollution & Cut Checks (to All Americans)“, “Build Green: Carbon Neutral by 2030“, “Jumpstart Low Polluting Biofuel“, “Support Stronger Forests“, “Tax Global Warming Pollution“, “Cleaner Cars, California-Style“, “Get Efficient — Cut Energy, Save Money“.

We here at The Off-Grid Home encourage you to become involved even if it’s just watching the webcast or putting you two cents in on the forum. We are all part of this Earth so we must each decide whether we are going to be part of the problem or solution. We hope if you are reading us then you have chosen to be the later, as we have.

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