Have a DSIRE for Finacial Help For Your Off-Grid Dream?

Getting off the grid or even using personal alternative/renewable energy while still attached to the grid is an expensive proposition. That is especially true when putting in a complete system at once. Here at The Off-Grid Home we wanted to make a database of all the programs available across the United States but, found that it was more of a long term goal. So we have taken down the page we have completed until we can have more complete and up to date information.

Though we still feel that everyone who is interested in using alternative/renewable energy should have a starting point for their own research. So as we were working on our own state by state narratives we ran across a complete database run by North Carolina Solar Center and the IREC. We haven’t been able to check to see how up to date the database is but it is a great start for individuals or even companies wishing to delve into using these power sources and getting financial help. The database is called DSIRE, Database of State Incentives for Renewable & Efficiency,and is stated to last be updated on April 7, 2008. We will be adding links from our site to theirs in hope that those who are just waiting to make the big financial commitment can now have the help they need. Plus, incentives and grants have limited time windows for them to be available. As ours may not be finished till after some are no longer available or near the end of the time frame making it hard if not impossible for you to get the help needed.

The database was founded in 1995 and is an ongoing project of the North Carolina Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. It is also funded by the US Dept of Energy.

The North Carolina Solar Center was created in 1998 and promotes the use of renewable energy technologies and green building practices. They do this through the four main programs of technical training and assistance, policy research and analysis, outreach and education programs, and technology research, development and demonstrations. They seek to stabilize energy cost for the consumer, stimulate local economies, reduce dependence on foreign fuels, and mitigate impact on the environment by energy use. It is operated by the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University.

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council, IREC, has a mission to accelerate the use of renewable energy sources along with their needed technologies through both state and local government and community activities. It was formed in 1980 and supports market-oriented service that are targets at education, coordination, procurement, and both adoption and implementation of standards, guidelines and consumer protection. Members of IREC include state and local agencies, national labs, solar and renewable organization, companies as well as individuals.

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