Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. We hope that everyone has an enjoyable day and helps to spread the word that self-sustainable living is a great way to help save the world, your health and even your wallet.

This past year we have completed the energy efficiency part of getting of our home off the grid plan. We have also starting purchasing our solar panels that will be installed hopefully before Earth Day 2009. We have been more vocal about our choice to become green and off-grid. Started this blog to get information out about alternative/renewable energy, being energy efficient, going green. Even got to the Earth Day celebration by Green Apple Festivals in Washington D.C. Let Washington know that we wanted the environment to be on the front burner, not the back.

Using our information on green and sustainability and sharing it is one of the best ways to bring about change. If we can help one person to rethink the “normal” way of using resources to run their home then we have made a significant change. Have a great day!

See RecycleCindy bag she made for Earth Day

PS You cn help others this Earth Day by donating to the Make it Right 9 foundation. Click the link below to donate to the Eco Friendly Home. Help people in New Orleans rebuild to a more sustainable home.


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