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Being independent means doing things for yourself, seeing a need and instead of waiting for someone else to take care of it, the independent person would get creative and find a way to fill that need.I would like to introduce you to a wonderful lady and independent soul. Her name is Diane, I found her blog a couple of days ago and was thrilled at what I found.

Diane started a co-op, you basically check her blog to see what she has to offer (she has really good stuff!), the prices and such, email your order to her, she sends you an invoice, you pay, she ships. I contacted Diane and this is the conversation we had.

1. Tell me about yourself, your background, age (if you want to divulge that), marital status, kids? Grandkids? Hobbies, interests, jobs you have done and/or are doing now, church? Feel free to answer to not answer any part(s) you want.

We live in a rural farm community, in southeastern lower MI.I am a Grandma, married 38 yrs to the family’s Grandpa, of 9 grandchildren, and we have 4 grown married children. I retired as an R.N 10 years ago, and have taken a complete 180 degree turn around in my views of wellness and health. As a Christian, I believe I have a responsibility to nourish my body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, the best I know how.And we are in the process of restructuring, again, to reflect those goals.Long ago I learned these basic principles of good health, but busy-ness, and sadly perhaps a bit of sheer lack of discipline, have gotten in the way time and again of maintaining this lifestyle.God is gracious in His patience.I got very sick from my own lack of diligence…and spent several years barely functioning while my immune system went into hiding and allowed Lyme disease and co infections to overcome and wreak havoc.I’m over that.And on to bigger and better things!!!

As a result of life experiences I think there are lessons that I have learned that I can teach others, Scriptural principles to convey, guidelines to follow that will ensure a better path than chronic illness and debilitation. I would like for this message of restored health and wellness to spread to believers because I think we have that obligation to our Creator to care for the special vessels He has made for us to be. His food is nourishing and life giving. His whole foods that is.What man has taken apart and put back together is a poor substitute, and does not nourish, rather takes away from the body stores and eventually causes depletion of vital nutrients. Restoring to our bodies availability of nutrients, especially minerals in very basic forms creates the energy our body’s need to restore and repair and be healthy. In the days to come we will need these basic, simple tools for sustenance.

I have worked in the past as an R.N. in Med-surg, OB/Labor/Delivery and ER.

Bulk Foods Online is a “division” of Daisy Patch Herb Farm.My cottage industry, producing fine, handcrafted soap…and this is from scratch, not store bought melted down and remolded.I love my soap making adventures and love to teach others that aspect of living simply too.I am what I would call a “purist” of sorts.I don’t like buying what I can make myself.Learning the fine art of soap making was intriguing…and after 14 years it is still one of my passions.I also enjoy sewing my own simple wardrobe…jumpers and dresses are my uniform of choice.Nothing fancy.I like to crochet and knit.I still have to knit a pair of socks that stay around long enoughfor me to be able to wear them!!!I’m working on my 5th pair.I guess I’m afraid to finish them, because as soon as I do, someone comes along and somehow they always end up with a new home before I can get them on my feet! A lady at church is waiting patiently for things to slow down a bit so she can learn to crochet and knit from me.I’m looking forward to having that time with her.

I love canning and freezing.And it’s a good thing because hubby loves growing things!We have an orchard of 20 or so fruit trees, strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus and garden vegetables.At the moment, there are a good many crates of apples for me to juice and make into apple sauce one of these days soon.I am mentoring a friend in canning techniques, sowill be continuously working at the squash, apples, onions and potatoes yet to be put up, while she becomes adept in the preservation of home grown produce.With our family of 4 children and the 9 grandchildren, they all appreciate and enjoy visiting the summer kitchen shelves to stock their own kitchen cupboards.My contribution to their economic stability.

2. What made you decide to get into this business? Why are you doing this?

It was at the suggestion of an acquaintance on an internet list, that perhaps I’d like to make bulk foods available to those people trying to live a lifestyle off the grid.These folks are those living in remote areas, living off the land as much as they are able, growing what they can and shipping in the rest because they are remote enough that a trip to town for staples might be a hardship, or at the very least, difficult.Hubby and I frequent Amish communities when we travel and appreciate the way they help their community by having established bulk food stores.Prices are good, and it’s nice to be able to buy economically in larger quantities.It seems that the suggestion of that friend was just confirmation that this idea had finally met it’s time to come to life.

3. How long have you been doing this?

While this is just the second order we are putting in this month, the idea is one that we have really considered for quite some time.

4. How well is this going for you?

We are excited about the potential this idea has, we are still in the introduction stages and time will tell just how good the idea is.

5. Where do you want to go with this? Do you want to expand? Are you happy with the amount of orders you have or do you want to do more?

I like the idea of getting our feet wet slowly, giving us a time to work out the bugs and perfect the system.We do want to expand and have some notions about how that will come about in time.I am very pleased with the good reception our Bulk Foods Online has been given.The handful of customers that helped get us off the ground are a good group of folks and have contributed ideas and feedback very generously

6. Where do you see yourself in a year from now? Personally and professionally?

Continuing to be healthy in every regard,and able to teach others to do the same.That is one goal that is professional and personal.My priority first and foremost though is to live my faith in Christ.In a year I trust we will be in a new Summer kitchen / facility with storage and workspace to accommodate an expanding business.Perhaps also offering local folks the advantages of bulk foods as well.

7. Do you do this all by yourself or do you have helpers?

Right now it is my endeavor, with hubby’s blessing.He will help when it comes time to reassemble the bulk food work space in a new Summer Kitchen…I hope.We are currently operating out of a temporary summer kitchen.It isn’t big enough to maneuver if we have to divide up a lot of bulk food, or have more than just the 2 of us.A couple of older grandchildren are hoping to work into the business, which would be a privilege and honor when the time comes.

If there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free to include it.

Questions about ordering,

1. How do we order?

Emailing Redhat@tc3net.com placing BFO order in the subject line.Then just the description of the item as it is found on the blog https://bulkfoodsonline.blogspot.com/

2. How often do you turn in an order?

It looks like monthly at least.There are resources though that allow for me to have orders more often if the need arises.

3. Do you ship outside the USA? If so, which countries do you ship to and what are the shipping costs?

We do not ship outside USA.

4. How do you ship? UPS, Fedex, postal service…?

We shipUSPS from our place to yours.In time if necessary other shipping options will be explored.

5. What are the shipping costs? Is it included in the price of the item or is it a separate fee?

Shipping costs right now are whatever is charged by USPS and is a separate fee

6. When do you ship out the products? As the orders come in? Monthly, weekly?

When bulk food is ordered it will be shipped as soon as possible after it’s received.If it is a product we have on hand it’ll be shipped right away.

7. Do you have a return policy?

Because we are selling a food product we do not have a return policy.However if for some reason there is a problem with the order we will do what we are able to rectify it.

8. What payment types do you accept? I see that you take PayPal, do you take credit card payments through PayPal?

PayPal will be accepted.I am also able to take Master Card if anyone cares to call me with the number.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words.I hope the information will be helpful.Thank you for considering promoting my blog.

Diane (MI)

….For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. Matt 12:34

https://daisyredhat.blogspot.com/ check out daily the progress on the House Project


Check out what Diane has to offer, if this is something there that you would ordinarily buy, then please consider ordering from Diane, it will be good for you, you will get a quality product and you will be supporting a wonderful, budding, small company. This is a win-win situation.

I will be ordering some supplies from Diane very soon. :)


Unfortunately Diane no longer offers these services, this article will be left up for archival purposes.

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