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Modern technology is an amazing thing,  once open a time,  if you wanted to read about something,  to learn about something,  you had to go to the library,  when they were open and do your research from there.  Or you could go to the book store,  if either place for didn’t have what you needed,  they might be able to order it,  perhaps within a week or two you could get what you wanted…

Of course today is different,  with the internet,  computers,  tablets and smart phones,  knowledge is just a tap or click away,  any time,  day or night. And now with the ability for everyone to create and upload videos,  you have even more tutorials available at your fingertips.  You still need to be discerning, not everyone who claims to be an expert is truly an expert,  you will find lots of garbage,  misinformation and outright lies,  but if you are careful,  come at this with some common sense,  you can find a world wide library at your disposal.

Here are a few interesting and handy YouTube videos about handy hacks:



Who is your favorite YouTube life hacker? Comment below and let me know.

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