Off-Gridder tipped as next billionaire

Amir Taaki, Bitcoin inventor, planned it in HAckspace, Hackney Road, London
Only time you’ll see him smart
London squatter Amir Taaki has been tipped as a budding billionaire by Fortune magazine

The 25-year-old associated with Dark Wallet, an online service that allows people to trade Bitcoins anonymously, was one of two Londoners who first pioneered the digital currency several years ago, planning it in the offices of Hackspace.

In our video interview with him last year, Taaki explains why and how he coded Bitcoin.

Then, and now, he looked way different from the sanitised photo that Fortune are peddling. When we filmed him he was living in a large squat in Westminster, near the House of Parliament. He hung out with other members of the Occupy movement.

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