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You are interested in making yourselves energy-independent. The bottle-neck is the know-how to actually accomplish it. That is why this website exists.

So we are pleased to offer this new course from solar veteran Bob Nagy. Check the Trailer:


For a long time we researched courses available on this subject.

There just wasn’t anything out there that was worth offering our community.

After viewing the video, I interviewed Bob and learned how this course came to be. Bob is the author of over 40 videos on high-tech subjects. He worked for NASA designing payloads, for ABC TV producing news and spent 20 years at the University of Texas- from which he is retired.

He understands the technical concepts from being an engineer, knows how to effectively teach those concepts from working at the University and knows how to make a great video from his experience with ABC news. It is this combination of skills that make the course so effective.  You can literally go from zero knowledge to a skill level where you can teach others how to do it.

Things like “how to operate a voltmeter” and “basic soldering techniques” are covered straight-off.

What is great is that it is done in a friendly and understandable manner. Bob obviously loves the subject and his personal energy and enthusiasm pulls you right along the learning track.

The videos are structured around Bob’s approach to teaching: to effectively learn, a person has to be exposed to the concept first verbally, and then shown how it is applied in the real-world physically. Thirdly, the concept has to be woven into the fabric of the entire subject by relating it to other concepts presented. Once you do this, you then review the ideas in a chapter-review.

Bob goes even further to re-enforce the ideas by making a special chapter which walks through the entire mental process of designing a new system from scratch. Next off there is a chapter that shows all the details of three real-life installations so you see how others have designed theirs.

It could not be more comprehensive and inclusive. That’s why we are offering this as our first solar training course. This course is used by several schools as a semester-long solar energy class. Enroll in one of those and you’ll be paying nearly a thousand dollars to take the course. Using the multi-DVD course, you can go at your own pace and review a chapter whenever you like until the concept is clear. Bob even answers questions you may have by email. We also encourage you to use the forum to ask other people questions and share experiences.

If you decide to purchase the course, you can do so by using the PayPal Buy-It-Now button below. The set will be shipped directly from Bob’ shipping center in Arkansas, USA. He ships immediately. You can use a regular credit-card on PayPal as well – even if you do not have a PayPal account.

With our arrangement, the price is over 75% off the list price.

Are you serious about going off-grid? Then take a huge step in becoming energy-independent

by learning the exact skills required to do so.

We’ve always said that “Knowledge is Power” -and in this case, it really is!

3-DVD 4 Hour Course is $49.99 USD plus $3.50 for shipping to continental US

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