Green nonsense from pooped-out Brown

Close your eyes Gordon
Close your eyes Gordon

British prime minister Gordon Brown made an eco-promise when he first got the job – he would create 5 eco-towns.  Then it was ten eco-towns. Now it looks like we will be lucky to get two eco-towns – whatever they are.

So his claim in today’s speech to Labour Party conference that he would create a quarter million green jobs is likely to be just as much of a pathetic fallacy.“We are already global leaders in wind power, green cars, clean coal and carbon capture”, he claims. The truth is somewhat different.  Britain is behind every other EU country on renewable energy – bar Belgium. In previous months the ridiculous Brown has made similar pledges — for 100,000, 160,000 and 1m jobs. Which if any is true? Does the prime minister have the faintest clue?

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  1. Pooped out?
    No way!!
    He’s full of it, always was, always will be!!
    And that’s from a fellow Scot!
    Shakes head and wanders away muttering darkly LOL!

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