Dennis Weaver
Dennis Weaver


Ecolonomics is the word expressing the understanding that ecology and
economics are two sides of the same coin. Ecolonomics is a movement away
from behavior that is ecologically and economically destructive towards
activities that protect our environment and nurture our economy.

was founded in 1993 by actor and community
leader Dennis Weaver based on his conviction that a truly sustainable
future requires a healthy environment and a prosperous economy.

Ecolonomics is set to become an academic discipline harnessing the
ecology-economics relationship. Ecolonomics sees business, government and
education working together to
achieve a prosperous, sustainable future. It is a commitment to
our future made individually and collectively, here and now.

Based in Ridgway, Colorado, the nonprofit Institute helps
identify, research, demonstrate and promote ecolonomic technologies and
products, which then evolve into ecolonomic businesses. The end result
is a robust economy that preserves a healthy environment.

The mission of the Institute of Ecolonomics is to demonstrate that
creating a symbiotic relationship between a strong economy and a healthy
ecology is the only formula for a sustainable future:
*DEVELOP non-polluting technologies that turn into viable ecolonomic
*IDENTIFY, research, demonstrate and promote clean and inexhaustible
energy sources
*ASSIST inventors of ecolonomic technologies obtain legal
and other support
IMPLEMENT ecolonomics curricula nationwide CONDUCT
ecolonomics courses and workshops via the Internet PUBLISH literature
for young people underscoring the interdependence of our ecology and
economy PRODUCE ecolonomics public service announcements for radio and
television STAGE dynamic media events demonstrating ecolonomic technologies.

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