Greek Islands for sale

Start your own country....

The world is waking up to the potential sales of thousands of tiny Greek islands as bug-out locations or even permanent residences.

Off-Grid.net first reported on Greek Islands for sale on 6 March  2010 under the title – Time to buy an Island.  You can post an ad seeking co-purchasers on the Off-grid Classifieds.  Or join LandBuddy and say where you are looking to go – place a market on a shared map so that others can find you.

Take a virtual tour of Greek islands here.

Some will be pricey, but many perfectly livable islands will go for a few hundred thousand dollars. Pool resources with some friends and buy it together, like a private time-share. Sometimes this is called fractional ownership. See details on fractional ownership here.  If you are in the military, there is a chance of finding other like-minded people here.

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