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I am always searching the ‘net looking for good, cheap, inexpensive, easy ways to DIY, these sites are right up my alley, I thought you might like them too. The first one is how to make a hay box cooker with more modern (and sanitary) materials:


The second one is how to make a minimum solar box cooker:


Just don’t try to combine the two, it’s not safe to use the materials used in that hay box cooker in a solar oven, the temps get way too hot and the materials used in the hay box cooker would off gas potentially toxic gasses, would probably make your food taste bad and might make you sick.


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  1. Tony
    Thanks, it appears that you were successful in posting a comment. :)

    We enjoy living a simplier life, with a few modern conveniences thrown in. ;)

    I will tell both of our sons (my hubby’s son is the Marine, my son is in the Army) thanks for you, they have both embarked (nearly at the same time) in a great adventure, I pray that they will both come out better for their experiences on the other side.


  2. I tried to post a comment. Was told I couldn’t. Oh well. I’ll try again. I just said how much I admired you for your getting away from the jungle.

    And I asked you to tell you son thank you for serving his country.


  3. Hi Wretha
    Greenpowerscience certainly do some great videos which show how simple solar cookers are to build.

    The easiest design has to be the Pizza box solar cooker, for the more adventurous I would advise trying your hand at building a parabolic solar cooker. The parabolic design offers the most efficient and fastest cooking times.

    Good luck with your build folks.

    Brighter Energy Solutions

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