Glenn Beck goes off-grid

US Shock Jock Glenn Beck’s Internet-only network is launching a series aimed at showing people how to move off-grid
GBTV, which the conservative firebrand launched as he was exiting Fox News this past spring, is prepping Independence U.S.A.

The series follows the Belcastro family as they try to live “off the grid” in a post-apocalyptic America. That’s near identical to the History Channel’s Apocalypse, PA, in which the same heavily-mustachioed lead character Frank Belcastro introduced himself by declaring: “My name is Frank and I’m not crazy. I know the world’s not ending anytime soon. But just in case, I want to be ready.”

Belcastro and his family will do such things as build a car that runs on wood in the event that gasoline supplies are interrupted; become an expert hunter in case grocery stores are no longer in existence; and make his own alcohol for barter on the off chance the dollar collapses.
“Independence U.S.A. is the perfect way for GBTV to enter the reality genre and promises to be an entertaining and informative look at how one family tries to grapple with their concerns for America,” says GBTV programming president Joel Cheatwood of the series, which will be jointly produced by GBTV and The WorkShop.
Adds Belcastro: “This show, for me, is a fun and sometimes funny way to get people to open their eyes and see what’s going on. Americans are so reliant on the infrastructure around them but when you can create something with your own hands and everybody works as a team, everybody does a part, you can focus on the positive of this.”
The reality entry will join a slate of original programming that includes Liberty Tree House, Mercury Theater and the comedy news show The B.S. of A, along with Beck’s two-hour show, which is broadcast live weekdays from 5 to 7 PM.

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  1. Looks like we all agree that BigD is the BigA**hole, LOL! Cabinman totally naied it, “they (liberals) often seem very intolerant of any opposing views and quick to post mean spirited comments.” I’m here to learn about living off the grid, not to hear some idiot spout off unsubstanciated reasoning fallacies.

  2. Off the grid my arse. Glenn Beck supports Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum is in the pocket of the “animal rights” zealots who don’t even want dog breeding or chicken coops. How free is that?

  3. Independence USA….Great show! It amazes me how much we have forgotten in just a coupld of generations. I learn a little something each week. Excellent exercise in thinking about being prepared.

    (imho) Glenn Beck is just doing his best to alert people to what he sees as history repeating itself. If you watch/listen to him you know he is anything but full of hate.

  4. Like Wretha, I’m libertarian. I hold the views I hold, but respect that others may hold differing views and I can respect that even if I disagree.

    Why are liberals so quick to resort to name calling all the time? I’m seeing it all over social media lately.

    Most of my liberal friends view themselves as morally and intellectually enlightened. Superior even. Despite this they often seem very intolerant of any opposing views and quick to post mean spirited comments.

    As for the Beck show? Who knows it might be interesting. We’ll have to see.

  5. Yeah, BigDTown, we would disagree politically, I’m a Christian conservative with libertarian leanings, I’m a “leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone” kinda gal, that’s what is so great about our country, we can have differing political opinions and not worry about being tossed into jail (or worse)… I checked out your site, looks like a great start, that’s a wonderful way to learn by starting off small, learning and building as you go. Hope you continue writing, I’m interested in seeing how you are doing. :)


  6. Glenn Beck (in my humble opinion) is a radical asshole. As a proud liberal (and Wretha, I have a feeling that you and I would disagree politically, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you are AWESOME!) I find what he says inaccurate and full of hate. Glad he is promoting off the grid living. Anyone promoting less carbon footprint gets a thumbs up from me in that aspect, even if they are an asshole. -Nico

  7. Wretha: I watched that clip and I can agree with the basic premise of being self-sufficient.
    I was talking with a Fish and Game warden about this very subject one day. He had a display of home-made weapons that had been confiscated from poachers. I asked him: :What about someone who was just trying to feed their family?” He just glared at me. It was like I was the enemy.
    If everyone was out int he woods trying to survive, it would be mayhem and the game wouldn’t last very long. What then? Do we start eating each other like they did in the old Soviet Union, during the famines?

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