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Lie on your front....
Kumfy Kushn works in any position

For an outdoor summer going to festivals, hiking, camping, or even sleeping in airports, the inflatable Kumfy Kushn is what you need. This new-style cushion is a great product, and although it seems a bit pricey, its 10x better than the boring old travel pillows you buy at the airport AND at least 2.50 on each one comes back to support the off-grid web site. It is No15 in The Independent Annual Holiday Checklist out 3rd May.

It has re-defined the world of the travel pillow, propelling it forward into the 21st Century. Five years in design, it gives all the support you will ever need, in any position, anytime, anywhere, whether laying or sitting! It is the essential travel accessory for 2005, and it weighs only 290g. Buy yours now at the Kumfy Kushn Web site Sorry, only available in the UK. US residents will have to make do with theb0006a6c92-01-a27azlr36p44f-_scthumbzzz_-9287804Cocoon Down Travel Pillow from Amazon

Kumfy Kushn in use: –
On any hard surface it offers the softest head and shoulder rest ever and no more propping your head up with your clothes or extra towels.

Lie on your front....
Kumfy Kushn works in any position

Later, you turn over onto your front, you want to tan your back and give your arms a rest from holding your book up in the air. You lay completely over Kumfy Kushn with it underneath you and let it take your weight, this is now supporting your upper torso, which relieves those aching elbows, neck and lower back. Exceptional for women; Hurray! NO more flattened or sore boob`s. Incredible! At last you can read in comfort laying on your front. It was designed by a woman!
Feel like a change, lay over it on your side, it supports your flank, shoulders and relieves elbows, allowing you to relax and read in an otherwise uncomfortable position.
Alternatively place under your feet when in a plastic chair and instantaneously transport yourself into a new comfort zone by taking the weight off your feet and lower back.
Used upright, the hard cockpit corners of a boat become heaven to relax in, allowing you to enjoy your wine or beer because Kumfy Kushn supports your upper and lower back.

Use Kumfy Kushn for camping, caravanning, on board boats, beach, festivals, reading or listening to music, playing computer games, watching TV, in the car, airport delays, in bed, cricket matches, by the pool, back-packing, air shows, travelling, picnics, garden, teenage sleep-overs.

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