Fujitsu Siemens – bad people to do business with

Never buy a computer from Fujitsu, especially a Lifebook.

Deathbook would be a better name.

Fujitsu also operate under the name Fujitsu Siemens – and the service under that brand is equally appalling, in my opinion.

Fujitsu Computer appears to have no loyalty to its consumers. It apparently just don’t care about them. Once the computer is sold to the end customer, Fujitsu virtually wash their hands of the matter.

If you are unlucky enlugh to own a Fujitsu computer or a Fujitsu Siemens computer then you may need to have it repaired under warranty. In Europe, the computer will be sent to Germany, and they may charge you 50 Euros for the packaging. Once there, the “repair” team will likely delete all software from your machine. But they do not warn you of this in advance.

Fukitsu to you too sir.

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