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Manoj Bhargava
A few years before we moved off-grid, I had discovered an energy drink that I liked and worked, it was 5 Hour Energy, I didn’t use it often, but when I needed it, it worked very well for me. It hadn’t been out on the market very long and wasn’t available like it is now, the only place I could find it was in a Vitamin Shoppe store, and they only got in a very few each week. I would go in and buy out all they had, there was another person who did the same thing, it got to the point where the manager at the store would tell me if I had gotten there first or the other person. :) As a result that store eventually began carrying a larger stock, but it was still hard to find.

I wanted to buy it direct from the company but they didn’t sell to the end user yet, I talked a local stop and grab store near us into carrying it shortly after that, I assured him that once people tried it, they would buy it. I am happy to see that now it’s available everywhere. What I didn’t know until yesterday is the founder and CEO of 5 Hour Energy is even more brilliant and wonderful than I could have guessed. I feel even better about buying 5 Hour Energy knowing I am helping to contribute to such a great cause.

Manoj Bhargava is using his financial success to give back to the world, one building in his compound where they make 5 Hour Energy is an experimental test lab, they play and create many interesting and useful items, the three they discuss in the following video are a free energy bike, a water purifier, and a medical device that seems to work on many problems. Of course the thing that caught my eye was the free energy bike. While not a new concept, Bhargava’s team put together a simple system using a reclining/recumbent bike, a flywheel, a generator and a battery. They claim that you can pedal for one hour and have power for 24 hours, I’m not sure how much it can power, I’m sure it’s probably for a small system, a few lights, a cell phone, a tablet, a fan… I suspect it could be enlarged, add more batteries. Well I’m just dreaming now.

Watch the video and learn about Manoj Bhargava and his wonderful inventions.

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