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Green Trust, a renewable energy research center, powers their facilities with waste vegetable oil. Their 12.5 kw Detroit Diesel 2-71 generator (the VeggieGen) happily slurps used fryer grease instead of diesel fuel. It’s clean burning, renewable, and a recycled product that normally gets landfilled. See the details at

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2 Responses to “Free electricity, from fryer grease”

  1. Steve Spence

    Filtering before use, and heating the fuel during use is all the processing necessary. You start up and shut down on diesel. There is no valve sticking, rubber issues, or washing issues. Never put water in veggie oil. Dewatering would then be necessary (heat to 300F till it stops crackeling).

  2. Oliver

    i’m still trying to figure out what ‘grade’ of veggie oil is ok.
    some people still insist that after 50,000 miles or so, that valves begin to stick (we won’t even mention the certain rubber parts on older engines). is bubble washing the final product of the wvo absolutely necessary—or does it even make a difference?

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