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free-wifi_callingIf you are not paying rent or a mortgage then your cellphone bill is your biggest expense, right?


Remember the early days of Internet wi-fi?

You could go just about anywhere with your laptop and find a wi-fi hotspot with no password – because most people did not bother with passwords. Remember sitting outside offices, libraries or homes checking email?

Now that era is coming again – but with passwords this time – and using your smartphone instead of a laptop – and able to make calls, as well as send and receive data. There are even maps of the free wi-fi hotspots online – such as Wifimap – with free apps for your smartphone.

The phone companies should be scared – very scared – because its quite possible to live off free wi-fi connections permanently – and legally this time around.

You still have to buy a smart-phone – or use the one you got from AT&T once your phone is out of contract – but with a mixture of free wi-fi in bars and other public places, plus a bit of help from friends or even strangers,there is no need to ever pay a phone company bill again.

You can send texts via Whatsapp, do your voice conversations on Skype or Google voice – paying them, not the phone company, for the occasional call direct to a phone. And if your connections and timing are mission critical yet you still don’t want to pay for them – there are a host of free services springing up. The majority of mobile data traffic flows over Wi-Fi, and more access points are being built daily. There are commercial efforts to build cellphone businesses on Wi-Fi, too, from companies such as startup FreedomPop and pay-TV heavyweight Cablevision Systems Corp.

Tens of thousands of people in the U.S.are already doing it.

The most important thing when choosing a wifi calling app is voice & video quality without any lags. Choose one of these free wifi calling apps to voice or video chat with your loved ones for free.

Tango (Voice & Video calling)

A very popular wifi calling app for android and iOS, besides from voice and video calling, users can send cool fun animations in IM and also video messages. The voice call quality is great and Tango has the best cross platform compatability, its available for computer, android, iOS, and even windows phone.
Vtok enables voice and video calls to google contacts, you can use it as an alternative to google talk client on android. Works on Wifi & 3G, select the front or back camera and you can also choose to enable or disable video call anytime continuing with voice. The best part is you can even talk to other person who is using google chat on mac or pc.

Nimbuzz (Voice calls only)

This free wifi calling app has improved a lot since its initial release, create a free nimbuzz account to make free voice calls, video isn’t supported yet but the HD voice quality is fairly good. Use it to IM or even make international calls at cheap rates with nimbuzz credits.

Viber (Voice calls only)

Great for wifi voice calling, also includes IM and photo sharing. If you are on a slower internet connection then the voice will sound choppy instead viber will automatically optimize the call quality to provide an uninterrupted experience.

Rebtel (Voice calls only)
Rebtel app is highly appreciated for its free wifi, 3G calls and cheap voice calls, login with your facebook account or just sign up in few seconds to make free calls. As per users review rebtel has better call quality then viber and skype, but of course it largely depends on the internet connection. To make regular calls take advantage of the cheapest rebtel credits.

Fring (Voice & Video calling)
Fring is popular for is high quality dynamic video calling which does not let the video stream lag the DVQ technology ensures you have a smooth conversation. Second most important & unique feature of this app is group video calling which allows up 4 users in group video chat. Its a great app for video discussion with friends.


Making an international call from your phone will certainly burn a hole in you pocket and if the calls need to be made very often then you can self estimate the huge calling bills. For those who talk a few hours everyday to your friends and relatives within the same country it may be cheaper but still you pay a good amount for your calls.

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  1. There are plenty of other VOIP providers aside from Skype and Google. Readers should do a bit of research before committing to one of these companies. Many offer free calls, phone numbers, and are standards complaint. Contrast this to the proprietary nature of the aforementioned providers. High gain directional antennas can give you access to free wifi, even when you are not at the coffee shop.

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