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    Do you have a website we can look at



    I am a home builder in the Washington DC metro area, and I wanted to let everyone know that the time for energy independence is here!

    My company can build you pre-fab, zero-energy solar homes at an affordable cost. The home includes integrated solar panels, integrated solar water heater and radiant floor heating with full-plate heat exchanger, appliances, fixtures, the works! You can decide just how far off-grid you want to go with options for composting toilets instead of sewer, and a natural gas option (or opt-out as the case may be). Homes that are good for people (no VOC) and good for the environment.

    You could even travel zero-energy with an electric car, too!

    I am telling you that it is time for individuals to take the initiative and go SOLAR! Don’t just ask for change- effect change!

    E-mail me at gimmeldee@hotmail.com and together we can make this a cleaner, happier world!



    I can send you info, pictures and layouts of homes. I don’t want to post the website- please contact me via e-mail and I will send you a link. Thanks.



    And exactly how do you plan to get mortgages for these zero energy homes???


    I’d like to point out here that the pay back on solar systems is still like around 50 years at current energy prices (obviously it depends, we were doing some calcs at work the other day (we’re a bunch of building services engineers so we do this all the time) and in some instances the pay back is still 70 years. Lots of energy goes into the production and transport of cells and other technologies. So lets make this one clear, zero energy homes is a non sense expression. I believe its a good idea to pay for independence and security, but give me a break, no one goes green to save money, because the economics dont work like that unless you’ve got large amounts of socialist subsidies – and that is hardly a fair, free market way to go about things is it?


    Electric cars too – as much as i want one, are no cheaper if you actually buy the batteries – by the time maintanence costs are covered etc, you’ll be paying the same per mile as oil. Do the maths! (and buy batteries dont rent them from rip off corporations)


    The problem is terminology; when you say zero energy, you mean a net zero draw from the energy grid. This is not only doable, but quite common; just not in DC. In CA, Ed Begley jr. has a tv show, web site & speaking tour around this very topic.

    As for electric cars, where did you get one? The only approved electric was the EV1 which Chev withdrew about 15yrs ago. They are now promising to release the Volt in ’10 using LiIon batteries this time. The current state-of-the-art would seem to be hybrid using non-corn source E85


    I’ve yet to see a prefab design that I wouldn’t want to change slightly and I think this would look better with more glass up front but that would detract from the energy efficiency. The wood exterior is nice, the proprtions aren’t bad the wrap around planter is a nice touch and everythings to a purpose. I definitely prefer this design to the Sustain MiniHome, based on aesthetics. I’m not really sure why. Bottom line, if it came in under 200K, I’d strongly consider it and if they could keep it around 150K, I’d be the first one to write them a check.



    For Sale By Owner


    The basic design of a Batch Solar Water Heater consists simply of a water tank within an insulated box with a glass top.It is used to preheat water before it enters your conventional water heater. Thus it cuts down on the amount of conventional energy needed to heat the water up to the required temperature.But keep in mind, on sunny days a batch solar water heater can eliminate the need for conventional heating entirely.


    I do agree that a website link is required. I found this on the internet looks preety interesting , related to Zero energy solar house -https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/solar/house.html . Total cost of house came out to be $43000 in 2004.


    For many years, the concept of energy efficient homes have taken roots in the minds of people who are concerned about the environment. It is an important decision people take to convert their homes into an energy efficient units. They save energy, bills and also create a better world for the future generations to come.

    I’m working with few not-for-profit organizations in Asia and found that people are still not aware about LED lights or the possibility of using LED bulbs as the future solution. Yes, they are aware about the solar efficient equipments due to their governmental programs. We are promoting various energy saving products and one of them is the LED bulbs. Gradually, people in these countries too will use these economic and environment friendly products.





    I agree with the above poster, solar panels and LED lighting systems can lead to a future in which zero-energy homes exist!


    Heating water is the second largest energy use in typical households

    Solar water heaters can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home here in Ireland.One square metre of solar Panel on your roof receives the equivalent of more than 100 litres of oil in free solar energy per year.


    Iron Edison

    I don’t know if you are still checking this, OP, but here is some good info on someone who was able to go off-grid in suburban Chicago…


    I too am looking to take my home off-grid, and am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to slowly transition my appliances / electrical system to be powered by a stand-alone battery system?

    Nick Rosen

    Wow, what a great forum. With posts three years old that never die or get archived. Zero energy is a joke and a waste of money. Low energy is a design concept that makes more sense with heat supplemented with a woodstove and geo-thermal for cooling. Lots of other forums on other website with more information that you will find here, and more up-to-date too.

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