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    I have 15 acres in Summit NY. I am at the top of a “Mountain” about 2400ft elevation. We would like to go off the grid as it will cost about 17-20k to bring in the power. I am going to go with wind/solar and a propane generator.

    What are the components of the system. So far I know I will need the turbine, and pv panels, inverter and charger, batteries. how are they tied together and am I leaving anything out.

    Does an off-grid house have to run off the batteries or if I have some good wind can the house run strictly off the turbine and solar so as to save the batteries.

    Thank You

    Al McCall

    Nick Rosen

    Theoretically, if the wind never ceases to blow

    (at the right speed)

    or the propane generator is always on, you wont need batteries.

    But is that really what you expect ?

    If not, calculate a cost of 1/3rd of the total AT LEAST

    for good batteries, and good batteries means

    the sort that hospitals and official institutions use

    for emergencies, heavy-duty lead-acid stuff.




    Solar/Wind – Generates Power

    Batteries – Store Power

    Charge Controller – regulates charging of batteries

    Inverter – Inverts DC to AC power and converts AC to DC power

    you need batteries. agree with michael – do not cheap out on batteries.

    The one component you are missing is a quality generator with auto start feature. This is needed for desulfation of batteries (also known as equalization).

    Cheers –


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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