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    As summer turns into fall (autumn), we are starting our 15th (or is it our 16th?) winter here in the high desert of far west Texas. A journey we began the summer of 2007, my only regret was not doing it sooner. I often hear people saying things like, they love what we have done and wish they could do it too, but but but, there are always those “buts” that get in the way of everything. They feel like they need to wait until whatever they are living through right then is over, whether it be raising kids, working a particular job, getting finances together, you fill in the blank. Honestly you’ll never find a better time to start your new life than NOW, you aren’t promised tomorrow, if you truly wish to change how you are living, then start now, anything else is just becomes a convenient excuse to continue with the status quo. Sounds harsh doesn’t it… well for most of us, it’s the truth, it’s all too easy to continue living the way you are used to living, it’s comfortable, it’s safe, it’s what you are used to. I said all of this to say, if you really want to live another way, don’t wait, work toward your dream, start now, even if it’s just planning.

    What we did was to start looking for property that allowed us to build without too much interference, in the USA, each state has different rules and regulations, it’s up to you to discover what is legal in the area you are considering. You can easily start stocking up on the things you will need to live your dream, for is it was to stock up on foods that didn’t require refrigeration and could easily be prepared. For months, if not a year before moving to our off grid place, I would stock up each week from places like dollar stores, my favorite store was Big Lots, even if that was as far as we got, we would have a good stockpile of food to get us through a thin time or emergency.

    We also looked for and purchased other things that we would need to live off grid long before we actually moved off grid.

    Bottom line? Don’t wait, take the first steps now, even if they are baby steps, don’t wait, don’t put it off, the time will pass faster than you think it will, don’t get left behind.

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