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    I am selling a Water Purification System that could service a large household, farm, or small community. The machine has never been used for purposes other than demonstration. The units selling price is $5,000. There will be a modest fee for delivery within 3 hours of the Bay Area (to cover the cost of gas); otherwise the machine can be wrapped and shipped by truck.

    The machine makes safe, clean drinking water from muddy, polluted surface water. This is an ideal machine for rural communities, large farms, or a large household with lack of easy access to clean water. The system produces about 1,000 liters (or 250 gallons) per hour.

    1,000 liter/Hour System supports about 1600 households per day. Assumes 8 hours per day operation; 5 people per household; 1 liter/person for drinking water; storage of 8 hours of clean water. Run longer to accommodate higher need.

    The machine can easily be demonstrated from my house if you would like to see how it works or to see the condition it is in. A video demonstration could be arranged if need be. The unit is virtually new; used less than 6 months for demonstration only. Performance specs for microbe removal.

    Treatment steps:

    Coagulant dosing

    Sand Filter for particulate removal

    Multi-stage, fine particle micron filtration

    Ultra filtration (*see more details below)


    Ultra-Filtration System:

    The Ultra-filtration assembly uses fully asymmetric hollow-fiber membranes for high flux and low fouling characteristics. This durable membrane is designed for long term, reproducible performance. The open channel configuration is ideal for source water with high particulate matter.


    *Entire unit measures 38” (w) X 71” (L) X 60” (H); weight: 550 lbs

    *Fits in a truck bed easily

    * Complete, turn-key system; connect to local power or operate from a generator.

    *Compact and rugged construction, designed for easy operation in remote locations.

    *Please read more about the system at


    What voltage and power consumption does this system require? From reading yours and the website description I could not determine exactly what was required. It sounds like UV sterilization is involved as well as chlorinization; both of which would need power. The description suggest fine size filters but not reverse osmosis. What exactly is involved? what if any pumps are included. For off-grid use reliance on store bought filtering elements may not be such a good idea in terms of cost and availability of supplies.


    Small scale water purification can be much cheaper and easier! Nearly free!


    For the oil business? I imagine that your particular filtering/purifying situation will determine the system that you use. If its a matter of separating oil from water a centrifugal system might be best for removing the oil and then clean up the water with with sand filtration.

    This is my blog post on filtration/purification in general. I only mention centrifugal purification.


    caverdude, nice blog–lots of great topics and really good detail.


    thanks, on that one I actually got all my info from PDF’s and web pages. Though I recently found an old book at a used book store on the subject. Haven’t read it yet.

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