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    Hi all. I have been living off-grid out in the Mojave Desert for the last couple of years. Doing it all DIY and getting very good at it. The only problem that I cannot get my head around a solution for (except crank up the generator) is my washing machine.

    I have a Maytag Centennial EcoConserve Washer (

    I have been able to run it off of my system, but when my battery bank reaches the high end of it’s charge the washer becomes, basically, non-responsive. So I have to run it at the right time in the morning where there is enough charge on the batteries to run it, but not enough that it doesn’t want to work. With the weather cooling down this gets earlier and earlier and 15 minutes can mean the difference. I have the same problem with my vacuum cleaner. The best solution I’ve found so far, besides the generator, is go through the house turning on all the lights until there is enough load on the system to get the devices to operate normally. To humor my dad (my collaborator in this venture) I’ve called Maytag tech support, but surprise, surprise they are of no help.

    Is there anything I can do or put between the wall socket and the washer to prevent this sensitivity?

    Some other technical info: this side of the house runs off of a 24v system, with a mod-sine wave inverter.

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