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    I live off grid on edge of a spanish village in the mountains.

    We have a 150 watt solar panel only and I do not wish to upgrade, in order to be able to run a washing machine.

    As I must anyway buy a generator to charge the battery in case of many days without sunshine, I would like to be able to use the generator for a washing machine also.

    I wonder if anyone can give me advice on what size generator I would need to run a washing machine? we will disconnect the heating element and use sun warmed water, or cold water, depending on time of day of course…however the local plumber here says I will need a 5000 watt generator to cope with the power surge.

    I find this to be a lot of wattage. I wonder if the newer AA++ washing machines use less power that the lesser rated ones ?

    How would I know before buying a machine how much power if will need to wash with all functions except the heating element ?, as the specs usually only tell you the total wattage used .

    If anyone can advise me on this matter I would be very grateful.




    Check out these machines..

    Less water and less power which saves money in the long run. Easy to repair too..


    your plumber is right  to start the motor on the washing machine you need about 10x  the running power


    best thingto do with a washer is convert to another power source
    like a gas motor or ive even seen them run off a windmill
    your limit is your imagination
    think hard :)


    How about using a portable washing machine


    buy the generator and a basic washer that uses less power



    The easy and very quiet Honda EU2000 generator is great.

    It will supply 1,200W of a load very comfortably. and it is able to have 2 connected in parallel.

    Very popular, and the generator motor uses a fuel pump, so you can modify the fuel supply line to suck fuel from a larger portable tank if you need to run for long periods while under a load.





    This may interest you !


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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