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    Hello all!

    Im currently trying to put together a simple rechargeable 12v system using a small 7.5Ah battery and a solar panel for running a bedside lamp and also incorporating a usb connection so i can charge my phone / ipod etc.  I’m trying to determine what size Solar panel would be best 5w 18v? or 10W? or even higher??? Part of this problem is determining what strength light will be powered. Using low power LED lights is really the only way to go with this as the Ah is so low. But i’m not certain as to what strength light would be suitable for use as a reading lamp / bed side lamp.

    Also if i were to opt for a higher than 5w solar panel would I need or it be advisable to include a charge controller?

    I have no experience per say in electronics but i do have knowledge of 12volt systems from when i lived on the canal boats.

    Thanks for any help and info

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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