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    Hi guys I live on the west coast of ireland and am hoping to setup a small solar panel setup. my lounge is on the 2nd floor and has big windows with maximum amount of sunlight coming in. What I was hopng to acheive is to put a solar panel behind the window that will be enough to power my television, dvd player etc. and other small items when needed. Could anyone advise me on size of panel, and batteries that would do the job? Thanks


    You need to figure out what demand you need; voltage, currrent load, usage timings, orientation, etc. first, than you can ask for specifics.


    A solar panel the size of a window wont power those items for very long especialy in the winter (1/4 of the summer hours)


    Thanks guys Im thinking I may have to approach it from totally different angle


    I use an 80 watt kyocera and one deep cycle to power a 13 inch flat screen tv, laptop, and 12 volt dvd player for several hours a day.

    putting the panel behind a window will reduce efficiency as the window will deflect some rays. better to put it outside and angle to 45 degrees in winter if possible.

    Kyocere 80 watt panels are about $400 on ebay. deep cycles about$70, and a small power controller $50. 400 watt inverter $50

    You can see my website for ideas:



    Nick Rosen

    guys dont forget that a lot of windows are coated and will not allow or hinder what panels need, we were given a neet little solar powered little crystal that turns around via a small solar panel out side it works great, in the house nothing = windows are tinted, tried the car nothing = windows have clear UV coating

    there was a guy in one of the power mags that took his panels and fixed them to the banister of his condo, dont know if that will fly where you are

    Nick Rosen


    How much usage you need to do?

    Water tanks

    Nick Rosen

    You will get a number of options and advice for this type of set-up. This site is a total rip-off – be warned:- Solar Panels for help.

    It is run by spammers and scumbags who rip off innocent people!!



    This is right. You can use solar penal for your home. Do you have any question ?




    you did not mentioned the requirements for your small house that how many electric equipments are there and you want to operate them with solar energy. requirement is small then the investment is also small. Christian rings

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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