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    Hello,I am new here but look forward to many discussions.I havve a generater source that provides constant 12-14.5 volts with anywhere up to 200 amps,with a built-in voltage regulator.My question is ,if I run this to a battery bank,then to an inverter,will the generator take over for the amp draw as needed.Basically, i am trying to get my generator to power all my household needs and still keep my batteries charged.Since it has a voltage regulator,I would think it will keep the batteries full.My home has only a 100 amp service from the utility company, so I assume a 200 amp supply would be sufficient to power everything without a draw on the batteries. Does this theory make any sense? I am seriously going to go green shortly,but not sure what source I will use for power.I have several homemade so;ar panels allready,and a wind generater,but would very much like to use my new power source.Thank you for any serious reply. I am new,but willing to learn


    I think it will work…….



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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