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    Nick Rosen

    I have lived off the grid before (5 years in the Santa Cruz mountains, caliornia) I have since moved up to Washington to a small island that looses power frequently. My two trusty gensets came with me. One a 8KW and the other an 18KW. both are considered “portable”.

    While the 18KW is more than enough to run the house; I”m being told by salesman that I cannot wire up a transfer switch “at the meter” with a portable generator. This seems stupid to me (standby generators they sell are the same power output); and I cannot find any law/code that supports that restriction.

    While I am more than happy to use a manual switch; I would like a “semi automatic” switch that switches back to grid power after “some time” has elapsed when grid power is restored; so all I need to do is manually start and stop the generator… The genset automatically goes into a “cool down” (low RPM) when there is no longer a load…

    does anyone have comments, ideas, thoughts, suggestions?



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