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    Hey all,

    I came across this and I believe it to be a worthy cause. They are trying to create 40 of the most essential tools a self sustaining farm needs and also to be able to build/repair and use them. It is all open source and I can certainly say I will be keeping a close eye on them.

    Here is the link:

    Here is the list of tools they are developing. Some are already developed such as the brick press and tractor.

    The Global Village Construction Set:

    Habitat: CEB Press Cement Mixer Sawmill

    Agriculture: Tractor Bulldozer Seeder Hay Rake Backhoe

    Microtractor Rototiller Spader Hay Cutter Trencher

    Bakery Oven Dairy Milker Microcombine Baler Well-Drilling Rig

    Industry: Multimachine Ironworker Laser Cutter Welder Plasma Cutter Induction Furnace

    CNC Torch Table Metal Roller Rod and Wire Mill Press Forge Universal Rotor Drill Press

    3D Printer 3D Scanner CNC Circuit Mill Industrial Robot Chipper Hammermill

    Energy: Power Cube Gasifier Burner Solar Concentrator

    Electric: Motor Generator Hydraulic Motor Nickel-Iron Battery

    Steam Engine Steam Generator Wind Turbine Pelletizer Universal Power Supply

    Materials: Aluminum Extractor Bioplastic Extruder

    Transportation: Car Truck

    Let me know what you make of it all ?


    I would call that a dream list myself!

    I could build and feed Atlantis with all of that.



    They have released their version 0.01 of their DVD but also online instructions.

    For anyone that cares that is…

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