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    Nick Rosen

    Experienced Designer needed to help us enhance and develop the site – expert in layout, graphics, fonts and video as well as all the normal online stuff.



    maybe have the posts stack in chronlogical order from the bottom up so you dont have to scroll to bottom of discusiuon for the most current???


    In the forum:

    How about the option to change the order of the posts from chronological to reverse chronological order…

    Give us the option to receive an email when a reply is posted in the forum or the main site too… whether it is a post we started or one we are active in, or just want follow a post.

    Make the reply text box be a percentage of the width of the page or container instead of making it a set number of pixels wide, that way it will grow and shrink depending on the users browser size and such…

    The main site:

    I liked the site the way it used to be with the featured/newest article on top and the other articles in a double column below with the rest of the articles.



    maybe add an option to allow avatars for those with faster connections and possibly introduce some coding boxes for links and images ect ?

    Also maybe a resource section for books and other useful links that people can share so they do not get mixed up with the discussions. for example have a few sub sections in there

    Resources > Solar


    Resources > Solar




    thats an example im sure someone could create a good structure so we could create a good catalogue of information for everyone


    Jay – did you mean have all these as extra forums, so there are more,smaller boards? Or do you mean divide up the whole site that way?


    Add the feature of being able to send a poster a direct email as a private message. I belong to an engineering forum that allows that. It still preserve privacy but permits an off topic message or query to be sent that cannot be read by robots seeking email addresses for use in Spam.


    Thanks for your responses, which will be acted upon

    Are there any extra forums we should launch?


    Admin – I guess the way to describe it is to imagine a kind of encyclopedia of links to books/blogs and info that could be separated into categories so for example :

    If i was researching solar that section would have all those links only.

    This would make it easier to seek out specific info that people are looking for. As I know finding information is a task in itself, so it would be nice to make that easier.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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