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    Hi Holly, you should contact Nick directly about this.


    My personal reaction to producers looking for fresh meat, folk for their documentaries, I will tell you it’s not going to be easy, not around here anyhow, most the folk here are either wanting to live off-grid (ie not doing it yet) or they are long timers at living off-grid, most of us have seen the documentary reality shows and quite frankly it’s more about drama and less about reality, I think I am speaking for most here, we don’t want to be part of that circus act, not to mention the privacy issues, no thank you. I still wish you good luck with your venture.



    Hi Greg,

    My name is Isabel, I live in Montgomery County, MD and have been looking to go off-grid for a while now. I am 30 years old and ready to grow my own food with my organic heirloom seeds! ;-)

    Please contact me at thegreengypsy05@gmail.com, I would love to share ideas and info on how to off-grid in Maryland.



    Dear Wretha,

    Thank you for coming back to me. I will contact Nick direct. Just to clarify, I’m not looking for any ‘fresh meat’ I’m in fact looking for long timers who have been doing this for years. The idea behind this documentary is that it will be entirely self shot from the people – there will be no crew, it will be intimate, accurate and controlled by the participants themselves. We are an award winning company with specific expertise in documentaries and we’ve never had a complaint from any of our participants on any of the 100 plus programmes we have made. I appreciate your feedback but I would have really have liked the opportunity to reach out to members direct for their feedback.




    I believe that I gave you an invite a while back, Holly. But, there was no response..

    I can only guess that I frightened you when I said a 4WD was a necessity to gain access here.. LOL

    Thanks, Wretha.. Well said..  ;)


    hi, very interested in going off-grid I from the southeast England would like to know more about this in Somerset?


    Read some books.  Amazon.  Off the grid.  Recent ones.  They are written by ex urbanites like you.  Different story than you might imagine.


    Left the city 12 years ago.  No skills.  Little money.  I was 56.  Recommend leaving before then.  It wass hard but its done now and it is heaven.  You need $1500 a month after house and land done.  $2500 and you live high off the hog.  Hint: you do not need to buy land.  Or rent.  But I did.  Probably would not again.  Read books about modern couples going feral.  Amazon.  Kindle.  Then go!


    West coast of BC.  Wild.  Free.  Lots of OTG’ers to live with, learn the ropes.  Find them by WOOFing.  Go there and work with them for a few weeks.  If you like it, ask to stay.  Many will say yes.  Stay a year and move on.  Fastest way to get a real degree in OTG. Good luck.


    I live OTG west coast.  Remote island.  Very good.  Love it.  Suggestion: go be a WOOFer for awhile in the area.  Learn.  Buy local.  Most land is not listed.  You do not need a group.  Plenty of experience already out here.


    West coast.  BC.  Remote island.  No ferry.  Town shop monthly.  Netflix.  Satellite.  4×4 on mainland.  Kids in city.  Cellphone.  No one is OFF every grid.  But we have achieved the independence and health we sought.  Read the OTG books.  They vary in grids but not satisfaction.


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