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    I’m so excited I found this forum to pick yours all brains. I’m a die hard techy and believe this can be done without mother nature at the start. I know I can produce dc or ac using a battery. The motor out of a treadmill is ac but puts out dc when spun. There are so many ways to charge a battery by using a battery. You can rig up an auto alternator to charge a bank of batteries. Not sure if the internal voltage regulator should be taken out if you’re going have it going trough a charge controller or even if it can take 90amps without blowing.

    I know mother nature is the ultimate way but in a pinch can’t this be done? In my eyes you never use a generator to do laundry or anything. You make it so everything is run off battery and inverter. So what on laundry day you have to shut everything off for a couple of hours till you can get your batteries up to a stable charge, then start turning things back on and watch a movie while you hang dry the clothes you just washed. The name is Jerry and glad to meet all of you. I have been reading this site a couple of days now. Look forward to banging heads with ya.

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