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    FRom Australian forum:

    I’m looking very closely at NiFe cells for off-grid use.

    I know they are not as efficient as Pb/acid for charge or discharge.
    I know they are not as energy dense as almost any other flooded cell out there.
    I know they are expensive.

    I have also read in plenty of places that if treated reasonably well, they WILL outlast me and THAT is what I’m after.

    I like the look of LiFePO3 cells but even with a pretty good lifespan, they will need replacing after 20 or more years depending on my DOD. Spending money on another set of batteries seems like it defeats the purpose of getting them in the first place.
    The main thing that worries me about LiFePO3 is that if anything goes wrong with the BMS, you can basically kiss that expensive investment goodbye, assuming they didnt actually blow up in the process.

    What I am wondering is, regardless of the cost of an oversized battery setup and an oversized power supply for them, are they worthwhile?

    I really want to be able to be a retired geriatric, not worried about having to change out batteries a few years before I end up 6 feet under. :shock:

    Some input from someone that has actually used them or even worked with them would be greatly appreciated.

    I know most people have an opinion on what battery chemistry they like (or have a vested interest in).
    I’d like to hear from them as well as in what situation their chemistry is applied, and if the cost of other battery chemistry was the deciding factor for that choice.



    I am using LifePO4 !

    I have 8 CALB 3.2v in series for a 25.6v bank. I have four 300w 36v panels that keep them very happy using a Morningstar TS-60 MPPT

    One thing about LifePO4 is that they are most happy at 28.0v. Make sure that the controller is able to custom the setting. The Battery Monitor System is very important. Here is the basic outline of my BMS system and what is going on for me to live completely off-grid !

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="830"]Alan's LifePO4 Alan’s LifePO4 BMS and Charging[/caption]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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