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    Hello there! My name is Anneliese and I’m a 17 year old looking for a community to join in beginning of next year (around March of 2022) when I turn 18. I am wanting to get a head start at looking at communities that will be accepting members around the time I can legally move out.

    I currently live in Colorado, but am wanting to look at all communities despite which state they are based in. Preferably one that’s near or in dense forestation, off-grid, eco sustainable and accepts labor as a form of payment.

    I have many skills and talents I can offer to any community. I’ve always been a hard worker and am more than willing to work to earn my keep. I’m very intelligent and can pick up things extremely fast. So if you’re looking for an apprentice or an extra set of hands I’ll come in very handy!

    A little bit more about me: I’m a non-materialistic, minimalistic individual who doesn’t mind sharing. I want to live this life style because it’s not only a dream of mine, but also a way to get out of traditional society. The rat race is pointless, I do not want to be trapped in a 9-5 job where I struggle to find meaning. I want to live a life where I can pursue happiness and know that everything that I do will actually serve a purpose and have meaning. I look at life a lot differently than my peers, and I find that those who live in communes share similar beliefs. I believe that together, we can create a utopia in which we can all pursue finding happiness, freedom and peace. I personally have a very traumatic past and am looking to find somewhere I can actually call home and feel safe.

    Feel free to reply or shoot me an email if you have any information to share!


    Hi Anneliese, did you end up taking the plunge and living off-grid? I’d love to know more about your journey now that it’s been a couple of years since you considered it!

    Nick Rosen

    Hi to all who are seeking ways to go off-grid – please use this forum to ask questions and meet others with similar goals.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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