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    I am currently looking for any off grid communities in the UK that are requiring people to join. I have 8 years experience on my allotment growing food. I love natural medicines, yoga,meditation, crystals ect. I am also a massage therapist of 15 years and also a home educator. I am looking for like minded people to live off grid with and be at one with nature. I’d be so grateful if anyone can help ? Many thanks. Namaste


    Namaste .Find anything yet ?
    Im in the similar situation .


    Similar minds here, couple with 2 kids, home-ed, living in a caravan.
    Looking to grow our own, make our own medicine, and live a different life.
    We just decided to do this, so reaching out for like minded souls.
    Please feel free to contact me;


    Hello folks
    You all sound like you are on your way to being off grid. How are you getting along? Myself and two friends are looking to do the same. WOuld like to know you’re thoughts.
    Many thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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