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Looking for a 4″ solar fan for my greenhouse.

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    Hey Koolex; Welcome to the group. Please tell us more about your greenhouse and how you plan to heat it. Photos or drawings would be helpfull also. ( I have no idea how that is done but…)

    Sunny days!


    Hello to everyone. I am new here and very glad to have found a site that deals with off-grid living. I have recently built a dome greenhouse and I now want to power several components with PV.

    The first element I want to get started is my subterranean heating system. I have about 100feet of 4 inch tubing buried inside and under the greenhouse, and I want to move air through it using a small 12 volt fan.

    Ideally I want to use a fan that can move about 70CFM. This would provide adequate circulation without much wattage. Sadly, I have only been able to find computer fans (too weak) and a bilge fan for boats that pulls 3.5A DC. Way too much. I want to power the fan with a 10 watt solar panel.

    Any ideas?


    18′ diameter geodesic dome made out of 2×4’s and 6 mil greenhouse film. Insulated foundation, thermal pond, and the aforementioned underground heat system. Plans to incorporate a solar thermal collector to heat the pond. I don’t know how to upload pics but you can see all my progress at https://geogrow.blogspot.com Since early last winter I have documented my construction and it is now starting to look good! I hope you check it out and like it…


    Looks good koolex11 :)

    Are you planning on growing some edible fish or perhaps doing some hydroponics?



    suggest getting industrial AC fans of right size and flow then use small inverter to power it. maybe not quite as efficient but it works.


    Ebay is your friend. Search solar attic/greenhouse fans and I’m sure that you will find something to fit the bill.


    Wretha: I am planning both. I think catfish would be a good choice for my climate (PA) and I love hydroponics, especially for lettuces. Will definitely try the whole aquaponics circle of life too.


    Hey Koolex;

    Let us know how that new fan works out. I have some other ideas if it doesn’t work out the way you want.

    Good Luck!


    Actually, just FYI, this topic would be better in the technical forum, but now its here, I just wanted to mention ~I saw a lot of solar fans in the Emerald triangle – pot-growing country. they sell for about $70 in most solar stores and everyone knows they are used to dry out marijuana

    So it depends where you live, but if you go to your local dope growers supplier you might find what you are looking for


    It’s now in the technical forum. :)


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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