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    I am sorting out an off-grid power supply. The basic set up is low usage items run 24 7 on an inverter via a battery bank. Then for a set period each day the genny will go on to

    a, charge the batts


    b provide power for the heavy consumption items.

    The heavy & low consumption items will be supplied from sepperate trips / circuits.

    Each aspect of the wiring on its own I have no problem with:

    batt to inverter to fuse board 1 (low power)

    charger to batt

    genny to charger

    genny to fuse board 2 (high power)

    The questions are:

    How will all these systems interact with each other?

    Can they all be left wired up full time & switched on & off as needed (basicaly thinking just turning the genny on & off & leave the rest to it)?

    When the charger is turned off I cant measure any resistance across the plus & minus cables so does that mean it wont drain the batt if left connected?

    Whilst charging will I see any interfearance on the inverted power (prob likely that very little will be on the inverter whilst genny is running any way)?

    The genny, fuse box 1 & 2 & inverter (& hence all the sockets) will all be earth bonded together & via a large earth spike/rod.


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