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    Hello, I wonder whether there is anyone to help with emf emitted from neighbour’s solar panels. After a long

    search, we have found a “dream come true” house for us. We were ready to put an offer on it when to our horror

    we found the next door neighbour having solar panels fitted to his roof. It was a painful shock as we have

    small children and were trying to be a little emf aware and protective. Well, I know we should just forget the

    house, but… it is so hard after looking for an ideal house within our budget for soooo long. I wonder

    whether there is something we could do to eliminate neighbours emf negative impact on our children, or we

    really should just forget it and let the house go. Would there be anyone able to help with emf questions?

    1) I thought of going back to the house to actually measure emf:
    – I have got TriField Meter Model 100XE  Is this the right

    equipment to detect this particular emf? (Considering the distance from the neighbour’s house).
    – Is the inverter of Solar panel system working non-stop, or in some phases when it processses “collected”

    energy? Is it possible I might miss the time when it is actually converting the energy thus get a misleading


    2) How far can emf from the inverter radiate and into what extent is the distance of the two houses likely to

    protect us? We are talking about two detached houses with a distance of about 8-10 m from each other.

    3) Does the lack of sunshine or fitting solar panels on a less ideal side of the roof (east) effect its

    efficiency and thus decrease its production of electricity thus emf as well?

    4) How could we decrease the negative impact of this emf? I read about the protection materials for walls,

    aluminium foils, special mesh and paint, foils and curtains for windows… They do not come cheap. Are they

    really efficient? If using them across the house to completely shield it from outside emf, won’t it cause more

    damage by creating a kind of barrier that will contain our own dirty emf (and other radiations) within the

    walls of our house) thus making it even more harmful?

    5) I kind of dislike the idea or plugging in some neutralising emf device such as Green 8 or EarthCalm or

    similar. I wonder whether they really work and how much of negative impact on health they may have (killing

    the waves by anti-waves…)??? I might be wrong?

    There is so much about emf on the net yet it is so hard to get unbiased and qualified answers. Can anyone help


    Many thanks.


    I found that my inverters put out harmful over time EMF and RFI radiation within 1 foot of the inverters and was undetectable 10 feet away.     How come you are not green? Kids? That means more than one in a grossly overpopulated world, getting worse depletion and pollution because of it.  Following your prospective neighbors would help reduce the emissions of HGHGs to where, if your children survive the population crash by 2050, their progeny may not have to go through thermageddon and mass extinction.

    It is the inverters, NOT the solar panels, that put out EMI/RFI.  They are also under bundled high tension electric wires, which can include some of the ground under them, besides being ugly as sin and the very symbol of  the negativity of the grid.  The inverter rooms should be shielded under the sheetrock with heavy aluminum foil.  The house wires will also carry the noise of 6OHz hum from modified square wave inverters, which can even get into phone lines and ceiling fans and stereo equipment.  So pure sine wave inverters are better because they are quieter.  Grid tie systems would have them, but it is better to be independent.





    If you are not directly under the large high power lines,  the only way you’d get “harmful” EMR is if there was a high overhead nuclear blast,  Even then it would be electronic devices that get hurt by it.  The real harmful to human life radiation would be the other radiation from an N bomb.

    The most harmful is EMI paranoia anxiety disorder.


    “There is so much about emf on the net yet it is so hard to get unbiased and qualified answers. Can anyone help please?”
    There is actual science and then there are beliefs… Beliefs, like religions they are relevant to only those whom embrace (or fear them) them by choice. Science is just science… Then there are those whom like to try and mix the two things together by cherry picking select information from each. This amounts to selling products to the religious followers aforementioned.
    Disregard about 99% of the information you read as being completely irrelevant and absolute quackery and move on with your life creating a happy safe loving environment for your family. Or.. embrace the EMI paranoia religion, wrap your kids in tinfoil and suffer the long term effects of rearing a family in paranoid delusion. 


    You could measure the EMFs with that particular meter. I will tell you that you are in much more “danger” from what is going on in your own home rather than what is going on in your neighbor’s home. There should not be any more EMFs from an off-grid/solar setup than you get from a grid tied home. Even if everything went wrong and there was an abundance of EMFs coming from their setup, unless you are right on top of it, you shouldn’t get anything from it.

    At the risk of getting rolling eyes from some of our more down to earth/skeptical members here, if you are really serious about taking care of any detrimental energies from your environment, whether natural or man made, I would recommend reading Joey Korn’s book on dowsing,
    You might not think dowsing has anything to do with this, but he addresses this problem in his book, he has methods that can change detrimental energies into beneficial energies, he doesn’t “block” them, he changes them, and you don’t need to buy any machinery or devices. This works on EMF energy coming from wall outlets and electrical appliances.

    I live 100% off-grid, and I am aware of the EMF problems, I have a meter that detects EMFs, I have very little of it in my home.



    Just my opinion but I think you are being overly concerned about solar panels and here is my reasoning

    solar panels produce a DC current and I have never ever detected any EMF from a DC source Im pretty sure you need
    AC to produce a EMF.

    now chances are they are also going to have an inverter which converts DC to AC and this will probably produce some
    EMF but if you are a decent distance away it would be negligable, nothing compared to what a normal AC wired home will
    subject you to.

    so the question is is the home you want to buy wired for AC? another question you probably need to look at
    is what are the building codes if any for the area most that I know of specify high voltage AC.

    Now I agree with avoiding EMF that is just one reason to be off-grid and on a low voltage DC power source
    but I think your being a little over the top sorry.


    A compact florence light would put out more emf than the solar panels – put an am radio next to one.


    my guess is that if the houses are only 8-10 meters from each other that they have a net grid system.

    and since the house you so dearly love and want to buy doesn’t have solar panels.  its hooked up to the grid.  how far are the power lines/ poles with transformers.  i’d be more worried about the power lines then the solar inverter in your neighbors garage.

    good luck, g


    I found this same discussion going on in 2 separate places/forums, so I merged the 2 discussions into this one to keep things easier for those asking and answering here.


    Nick Rosen

    the main time you need to shield your children from EMF and Mircowave radiation is at night when they are sleeping. Sleeping in a faraday cage or something that mitigates the radiation would be best. I myself have yet to figure out any  good cheap ways of doing so short of placing lead panelling on the walls.


    Something along these lines, not a faraday cage, but it could help, ever hear of grounding sheets? It is also called Earthing, you can follow the link to learn more, doing it through commercial products seems to be quite expensive, I suspect someone with a little knowledge and know-how could probably do a DIY version for a lot less money…

    The theory is we don’t have enough direct contact with the bare earth, so our systems get out of whack, out of sync, and that affects our health, this puts us in contact with the earth while we sleep.


    Jennifer Kelly

    EMF pollution from solar panels seems a bit far fetched.  Are you going completely away from everything electricity?  The electrical box inside of your own home emits EMF…so does your computer, TV, lights, etc…  Those are closer to you than your neighbors’ solar panels.

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