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    I’m looking at purchasing an inverter for my cabin and plan on using numerous compact Compact Fluorescent lamps. Do Compact Fluorescent lamps work as well and last as long on a modified sine inverter as they do on a pure sine inverter?


    I do not know if the type of inverter matters, but here is a little more info from Cheepogroovo and ThinkGeek in regard to compact flourescents:

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    The Environmentally Safe Lighting System

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    “I’ve covered the light bulb dilemma before – incandescent versus compact fluorescent. Incandescent bulbs are not efficient and don’t last long, while compact fluorescents contain mercury, making them a potential health hazard if broken or placed in a landfill. CFL are also made in China.

    So I’m coming out on favor of LED technology. While not cheap, look for prices to come down in the next year. You can buy several varieties at ThinkGeek”:

    compact flourescents in my experience, do not usually last even close to the time claims that are made, and I’ve heard this from others who have shared this experience also. Hopefully they last and work well for you though, it could just be an electrical problem in my home causing the problems, good luck, if I happen across any more specific iunfo related to these lamps and inverters I will post it for you. Have a good day


    hello again, I ran across this web page about inverters and about 1/4 way down it starts talking specifically about modified and sine wave inverters and some of the benefits/drawbacks of each… which appliances work better with a certain inverter etc.(or doesn’t at all). It did not talk specifically about compact flourescents, but there is contact info at the bottom of the page so maybe you could call or email them your question because they sound pretty experienced. good luck again:)


    here is the link, lol, (forgot to post it, suppose you might need that:)



    Forget about an inverter and use DC powered LED lights !


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