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combating condensation in van dwelling

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    Livi, you need a “safari” style roof. Basicaly a false roof on top of the existing one for the sun to shin on to but with a large air gap under so whilst moving the air flow under it takes the heat away. Even whilst stationary the natural heat convection air flow will keep it cooler. Then add in roof insulation (thick) to stop the heat getting in.



    Some of you guys might benefit from a Flettner vent or even a motorised vent such as these https://www.ktduk.com/department/vehicle_ventilation/


    The problem with all those type of vents is heat-loss. Either the outside air brought in is cold or the outside is cold and the moist air inside condenses. You almost need a dedicated place where condensation CAN occur and you have a drain or a tank to deal with the water there, sort of a natural dehumidifier. I’m thinking a heat transfer plate to use the cold outside air to draw the moisture out of the inside air. Unfortunately, I can’t work out a simple way to keep the heat inside but lower the humidity. The obvious solution is an humidistat controlling an insulated cover on the plate dehumidifier. The inside air only gets to the cold plate when the indoor humidity gets too high. This solution starts to get complicated and expensive!


    I was thinking of buying a very small air conditioner to be powered by a deep cell battery system, but the only place I can vent it is out a window which takes away from stealth. Even if I have a sunroof, the noise may attract attention. I saw online that you can buy a small portable dehumidifier for around $60. Maybe the dehumidifier and a fan is all I need? This may help take care of condensation for when its hot and cold out, but I am not sure.


    By Trying the van with 1/4″ thick cork tiles – floor, ceiling, walls, (but not window) is not too bad idea

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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