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    I am building a Cement Block water Tank 23´ long 4.5´ meters deep and 5 feet high.

    I finished half way up and plastered.

    I decided to put water in it and see how the pressure worked. (NOT GOOD)

    I am off the grid and built the water tank about 7 feet higher than floor level.

    I have coming out and down a 1/2inch tube from the tank with a pressure valve (no read) and going into a filter and then out to my RV.

    The water comes out nicely but NO Pressure to read on the gauge or pressurize the RV.

    So any help much appreciated in getting the pressure up.




    Hi. Sorry, this isn’t about pressure – but it might save you a LOT of heartache in the long-run!

    Can I just check, what is the construction? I mean, what thickness and reinforcing system have you used for the sides and how are they tied into the base? Have you got it buried in earth to equalise the water pressure when it is full?


    move the RV lower, the tank higher or use the 12 V pump in your RV for pressure.

    Nick Rosen


    Regarding water tanks you can browse this website it is

    They are having variety of water tanks and very much reliable too?

    I need your recommendation for the same.


    Water tanks


    I recently bought a water tank from, its very nice and big in size which saves large amount of water.


    You may need to use a pressure tank, we use one so that the pump doesn’t come on every time we turn on the water.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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