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    Our house has always been off-grid, wired in the 80s for lights and sockets to run off a generator. Last year i installed a 500watt solar panel charging a 300 amp hour 12 volt deep cell. We run a fair bit of lighting and chargers and so on direct of the 12 volt but i am intrigued by the possibility of plugging in my 1500watt inverter from the cells into the ac240 volt house system… it would be awefully handy for baby monitors and we can put super efficient led lamps in the 240 sockets.

    Can anyone suggest a mecahnism for making this fail safe?? ie if granny goes out and switches the generator on, the inverter / cells don’t get fried backwards… automatic or physical system??

    cheers in anticipation



    What you need is an auto -changeover- switch that disconnects the inverter and engages the generator  automatically so it starts the starts the generator without having to go near it  .

    Or u could get a 4 pole 80 amp contact relay that has two normally closed relays(for your primary electrical source) and two normal opened relays( for your secondary electrical source) .Thus when your primary electrical source is off it would safe to have your secondary source on without any risk of granny damaging anything.

    Hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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