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    rion zion

    Hi, am going to be upgrading my batteries… i plan to have 24 x 2v 1000AH traction batteries to make a 48v system. What i need is a battery monitoring system that will keep an eye on whats going on with state of charge, current load, etc. i’m told these batteries should do 3000 cycles if only discharged 50% so ideally i’m looking for a battery monitor that will also start my generator when the batts reach 50% dod (not sure what voltage that would be as yet), and stop it when they are back to 100%

    anyone have any ideas for a suitable all-in-one product? i realize that there are inverters that probably do all this, but i’m hoping not to spend mega-bucks, besides i’m happy with my inverter for the moment

    many thanks!


    There are inverters that do all this and a used one could be about $500. But I dont think there is any alternative.



    I know they have a wireless logger that checks battery health, can be monitored from everywhere (wireless, web) and does other cool stuff.


    There is a company in Ireland that do a hybrid systems that do exactly what ur looking for they are called Hybrid Energy Solutions.



    I use MorningStar TS-60 MPPT and have the network hub, that can connect their relay. I am able to set the parameters for the MorningStar start my generator when the battery voltage falls before a set point.

    Although I live on a boat, I use Victron Energy battery monitoring that has a system called VE.Net that has an alarm, that can also be connected to the start relay of the generator.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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