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    I have an APC SU3000NET UPS (2,250 KW) that puts out a pure sine wave. I am very impressed with this UPS, however I no longer have need for it as a UPS.

    I am wondering, the unit will not power on unless it has both battery voltage and AC voltage-has anyone ever used a UPS like this to be a standalone full time inverter?

    I have a theory, that manually bypassing one or more of the relays on board may “Trick” it into thinking it has AC power, thusly letting it be used as an inverter.

    I really need help with this one, guys, I appreciate any replies I can get!


    i just found this forum, and maybe i can helf with this question, hopefully you have found the answer before now.

    with battery voltage connected, press the start button and hold it for approx 5 seconds, the unit will flash once when first pressed (most of the time) if it does just release and repress and hold the button down.

    you will hear a beep and then you can release the button and it will autostart.

    some start a bit faster than others, some beep more than others, some take a bit longer than 5 seconds of holding the button down.

    i have about 15kva of ups inverters racked up out in my shop

    some are 24vdc and others are 48vdc buss.

    been doing testing to determine which has the highest efficiency, surge capability etc.

    bob g


    I too have a large UPS (SY16K) that I would like to use as a main battery for our off-grid cottage. We have solar and 12v batteries.

    This is usually wired into the 220 Ac for charging. Ay ideas how to use this? Should I just come off an inverter TO the box and then use it through its inverters?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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