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Hi Wretha, and everyone/anyone who reads this :-)

I thought the saying hello thread was a great idea and can’t understand why nobody else has posted.

I’m Marc, and in case you hadn’t guessed, I’m in the UK. I’m mainly off-grid, and have been on my land here for 5 years. Was living in a van at first, but now have a cabin that I built. Solar electric with a small generator back-up for when there’s too many dull days in the winter.

I’m gradually turning the land into a market garden, which is my only income. Hard work, but satisfying and great to be on your own land with no utility bills.

For web access I have a dongle from the cellphone network. Not wonderful as it’s very slow and not very reliable. Signal is poor and only a small download allowance.

I love this site, and look at it often even though I don’t always log-in.

Keep up the good work :-)

Nick did email me some time ago asking me to write an article. I’m not very good at writing and both time and web access are in short supply, but I’m very happy to tell my story if anyone is really interested.