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Hi everyone, I’ve just posted most of this on another thread, I didn’t realise there was somewhere to introduce yourself.

My name is Hannah and I live with my partner, on a old small holding near Lancaster, uk. We are currently living in a static van and use a 1960’s tourer as guest accommodation. We’re hoping this year to get off-grid and we’d like to  meet like minded people along the way. We are planning to spend the next few months visiting, staying and volunteer with people/families/communities who are living sustainable lives. We’d love to help out with anyone’s projects and be an extra couple pair of hands for anyone who might like to exchange their knowledge and ideas for our help. We are hoping to find folks who could accommodate us from a few days to a couple of weeks and we’d be happy to help with your projects or jobs that need doing.

We  live within a small family community, there a chap who lives in the farm house, my father who lives in a ex-park home and my brother and his lady friend who live in a static. Between us, we keep turkeys, chickens, a couple of cows, a small herd of sheep (and our first year of lambs) Gloucestershire pigs, a pack of dogs, a cat and a parrot. We produce alot of our own meat and collect eggs from the lovely chickens.

My partner and I’s goal is to get off-grid and to live more sustainably. My brother has already kindly installed a wood burner for us, which we use for heating and has the potential of a back boiler for hot water. We have the space and time for growing alot of our own food but it is something we have only played with. We’d now like to learn more about growing our own vegetables/fruit, harvesting rain water, using renewable energy and living a lower impact life. I feel very strongly about living in harmony with nature and feel there is alot more we could be doing.

We both very relaxed and open minded people. I am into photography and I am working on a project focusing on off-grid/sustainable living. We are both fond of making music. We have a wonderful of collections of guitars and drums, a wooden marimba and a bunch of other percussion instruments. I’ve recorded a couple of songs, but I’m a shy player in public. Levi also makes really interesting electronic music and he dj’s. We both avid charity shop/cat boot sales/table top sales/antique shop visitors and I can’t resist vintage ceramics (especially tea sets) We both love relics of the past and prefer to furnish our home with old, unwanted furniture. We love cooking together, with raw ingredients and try very hard to use local produces.

We’ve got a great space to work with and there is so much info online, but we’d like to spend a few months living it first hand with other people to learn and grow.

If anyone needs an 2 extra pairs of hands, please do get intouch, my email is

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to learning alot from this site.

Hannah and Levi :)