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I echo 100% what caverdude suggested: WRITTEN CONTRACT!!!!!

Yes, yes…(insert ~sigh~ HERE)…I know that everyone wants to be all Loosey-Goosey/Kumbaya when we’re talking Back To The Basics. However, there is NOTHING WORSE than hearing someone complain to you, “…but YOU never said that I/we couldn’t X-Y-Z” or “…but YOU never said that we HAD TO X-Y-Z..” 

Take this as sage advice from someone (me) who’s had rental units for 30 years and had their own businesses for over 40 + years: CONTRACTS SAVE YOUR ARSE!!! Also, in one of these threads, one of the posters listed all the pitfalls that he’s encountered with slackers & dopers who he’s personally encountered while trying to achieve your dream, too.


This is just a guess, but I’m thinking of the 100% of people who post about “getting away from the rat race”, only 1% are dead serious. The rest are dreamers and drifters who want a Mommy or Daddy Earth to take care of them while they get high and listen to music on their iPhone. “WHAT!? What do you mean there’s  no place for me to charge my equipment and no cellular service!?” LOL