Off Grid Home Forums Reply To: Going semi-off-grid in the Netherlands – anybody out there?


Hi Waltz,

How are your plans going? Still on track to live off-grid in Amsterdam? I’d be interested to get in contact. I live in Amsterdam myself, but at the moment far removed from off-grid. However I have lived a few years off-grid in NL moving around and living in a truck. It was a great life of freedom when you can stand the hassles of the authorities (we were squatting land and old factories) It’s not easy to find a space to live off-grid in NL, but it sounds like you have got an arrangement in place. Well done!

Would you like to get in touch? I could do with inspiration of some other free thinking individuals who are not afraid to follow their dreams. Perhaps I can share some of my experience or put my Dutch language skills to some good use. I personally am looking for a way to live a life of more freedom and reward.

Hope to hear from you. Cheers, Chilli