Off Grid Home Forums Reply To: Finally purchased my land… what.


Congrats, that is a huge step, one that many do not get to make.

My suggestion would be to camp on your property before making any decisions as to what and where you wish to build, get to know your land. It sounds like you might be trying to go big too soon, there are other options, those morgan building sheds that can be converted into a cabin, or maybe you could get a camper, the nice thing about campers is they are portable, unless you are very limited as to where you can plant your home, you can move the camper around. One thing we learned when we first began to build is we were surprised about the winds and the direction they blew…. we assumed they would be relatively the same as where we came from, blowing from the north in winter, and south in summer, well we were very wrong about that, fortunately we didn’t make any major mistakes about the orientation of our home, but it could have been a disaster.

How far away do you live from your property? How often can you visit and how long can you stay each time? The more you can visit and camp out, the better off you will be, you will be making informed decisions instead of guessing.