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I found that my inverters put out harmful over time EMF and RFI radiation within 1 foot of the inverters and was undetectable 10 feet away.     How come you are not green? Kids? That means more than one in a grossly overpopulated world, getting worse depletion and pollution because of it.  Following your prospective neighbors would help reduce the emissions of HGHGs to where, if your children survive the population crash by 2050, their progeny may not have to go through thermageddon and mass extinction.

It is the inverters, NOT the solar panels, that put out EMI/RFI.  They are also under bundled high tension electric wires, which can include some of the ground under them, besides being ugly as sin and the very symbol of  the negativity of the grid.  The inverter rooms should be shielded under the sheetrock with heavy aluminum foil.  The house wires will also carry the noise of 6OHz hum from modified square wave inverters, which can even get into phone lines and ceiling fans and stereo equipment.  So pure sine wave inverters are better because they are quieter.  Grid tie systems would have them, but it is better to be independent.