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You could measure the EMFs with that particular meter. I will tell you that you are in much more “danger” from what is going on in your own home rather than what is going on in your neighbor’s home. There should not be any more EMFs from an off-grid/solar setup than you get from a grid tied home. Even if everything went wrong and there was an abundance of EMFs coming from their setup, unless you are right on top of it, you shouldn’t get anything from it.

At the risk of getting rolling eyes from some of our more down to earth/skeptical members here, if you are really serious about taking care of any detrimental energies from your environment, whether natural or man made, I would recommend reading Joey Korn’s book on dowsing,
You might not think dowsing has anything to do with this, but he addresses this problem in his book, he has methods that can change detrimental energies into beneficial energies, he doesn’t “block” them, he changes them, and you don’t need to buy any machinery or devices. This works on EMF energy coming from wall outlets and electrical appliances.

I live 100% off-grid, and I am aware of the EMF problems, I have a meter that detects EMFs, I have very little of it in my home.